Смазка ОКБ-122-7 представляет собой мягкую гладкую мазь желтого или свет-кокоричневого цвета. Она загущена смесью Li-мыла и церезина (нефтяного или озокеритового).

Manufactured as per the international standards, Grease OKB-122-7 is widely used in aviation electric machine "AGRINOL" - one of the first independent manufacturers of lubricants and metal containers in Ukraine. Widely using conversion technology and equipment, in a short time was to create a modern high-tech production. ОКБ-122-7 ГОСТ 18179-72. Назначение смазок.

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Under Agreement of 21 June 1974. Купить смазки окб-122-7 недорого в Москве. NEOPOD содержит в себе огромный каталог товаров с выгодными предложениями, по оптовым и  11 май 2010 Смазка ОКБ-122-7 банка 750 г - 3700,00 руб/кг okb-122-7.html Основные эксплуатационные характеристики смазки ОКБ-122-7:  Approved MIL-PRF-23827C (Type I) British: Approved DEF STAN 91-53. French: Approved DCSEA 354/A Russian: Equivalent ERA, OKB-122-7. NATO Code: Ciatim-201 Grease · Ciatim-202 Grease · Ciatim-203 Grease · Ciatim-205 Grease · Ciatim-221 Grease · PFMS-4S Grease · OKB-122-7 Grease · Grease №7  Смазка ОКБ-122-7 (ГОСТ 18179-72) — смесь кремнийорганической жидкости и нефтяного масла, загущенная стеаратом лития и церезином.

The lens presented in this review is MS Mir-20N 3.5 / 20 with multi-coating, H-mount, manufactured at the Arsenal plant, Ukraine, Kiev. The letter “H” in the lens name indicates that the lens mount (mount to the camera) is the same as the Nikon F. MS Mir-20N 3.5 / 20 is also AI-S (including AI) compatible lens for Nikon.


Цена и условия поставки. Смазка ОКБ-122-7, цена , купить в Киеве — Prom.ua (ID#930042).

Grease OKB 122-7 is applicable for bearings, fine mechanisms, electro machines, aviation engineering, multi-axis boring mashines. Base of the grease is a mix of mineral oil and silicone liquid. OKB 122-7 is thickened with ceresine and lithium stearate. OKB 122-7 looks like thick ointment of light-green, light-yellow or ochroid color.


Смазка ОКБ-122-7, характеристики.


Основное назначение смазок — уменьшение износа поверхностей трения и продление срока службы деталей машин и механизмов. Смазка №158 ТУ 38.101320-77 Обозначение по ГОСТ 23258-78 -СМ1-М2 4/12-t2..

Weight: 3.00 kg. List price 146.88 EUR excl VAT. Add to RFQ. Available, In Stock. Login to view your discounted price Register for an account. Alternatives References.

Продажа, поиск, поставщики и магазины, цены в Украине The main replacement of OKB-122-7-5 is 132-08 silicon organic oil, thickened ceresin and lithium soap of stearin acid which is used for bearings in various devices and frictional units of cars, frictional units of the precision instruments working at temperatures from -70 °C to +50 °C. NYCO GREASE GN 43 OKB 122-7 GOST 18179-72 Silicon based grease for bearing and gears under medium loads. NYCO GREASE GN 932 VNII NP-232 GOST 14068-79 Molybdenum disulphide paste, for the lubrication of plain bearings and as an assembly paste. Grease OKB-122-7. Specifications A description is not available for this item. Advertisement. STAY CONNECTED WITH US Engineering360.


NYCO GREASE GN 44 n° 9 TU 38 001116-84 Petroleum calcium grease (-60°C to +80°C). NYCO GREASE GN 45 PFMS-4s TU 6-02-917-79 Blend of a … Смазка ОКБ-122-7 применяется в подшипниках авиационных электромашин и координатно-расточных станков, прецизионных подшипниках, точных механизмах, электромашинах. GOST 18179-72 OKB 122-7 NYCO GREASE GN 43 Petroleum grease, roller bearings, -60°C to +120°C GOST 18852-73 VNII NP-246 ROYCO 13CF Grease, high temperature GOST 19537-83 PVK NYCO GREASE GN 969 Petroleum plasc grease, corrosion prevenve GOST 19774-74 VNII NP-207 ROYCO 13CF ROYCO 22CF Grease, mulpurpose Смазка ОКБ-122-7 (0.75кг) ГОСТ 18179-72 по цене 3 650 руб. в Санкт-Петербурге. Условия доставки и оплаты от компании ЭПСИЛОН. Смазка окб 122 7.

Смазка окб 122-7. Смазка окб 122-7., в Харькове - Place.UA 36 TU: Technical Conditions 3 8-1-230-66 OKB-122-7-5 R OYCO 22CF Grease, general purpose 38-101-295-75 B3V ROYCO 500 Turbine oil, synthetic Supercedes 38-1-157-65 Aug 14, 2006 · grease WNII NP-271, OKB-122-7 The re-lube of pull down claw mechanism need do after every 1500 m of film. GREASE OKB-122-7 APPLY ball bearings and other nodes of friction instrumentation. PROVIDED: AGRINOL: UKRAINE: 3.2: 128,46: Rostov on Don ***** ***** 2017-09-29 Part Numbers V001-KG LOSE SCHMIERFETT OKB 122-7 OKB 122-7 9150-12-700-8015 part numbers.

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Ciatim-201 Grease · Ciatim-202 Grease · Ciatim-203 Grease · Ciatim-205 Grease · Ciatim-221 Grease · PFMS-4S Grease · OKB-122-7 Grease · Grease №7 


OKB-122-7 is a blend of organic-silicon fluid and petroleum oil, thickened with lithium stearate and ceresin. It is used in aviation electric machine bearings.

Bank (0.8 kg.) - 200 UAH; a grease OKB-122-7" GOST ОКБ-122-7, купить в Москве на сайте компании Нектон Сиа. Авиационные смазки и другая IAF Procurement Of Grease Okb 122 7 , Due Date: 12-02-2019 ,Tender Value: 0 ,City : AIR HQ (VB), RAFI MARG, NEW DELHI, Location: Delhi Tender Notice 18988511 sale Pfms-4C, SSB-4, OKB-122-7, VNIINP-207,Ciatim-221,. Grease pfms-4C (TU 6.02.917-79) - polymethylphenylsiloxane fluid gelled with colloidal graphite. The main Смазка ОКБ-122-7 гладкая мазь зеленовато-коричневого, желтого цвета, загущенная церезином ОКБ-122-7 ГОСТ 18179-72. Назначение смазок.

Foreign analog. Nyco grease 43,10; Aeroshell 7GIA, G, 6B Alvania R1, RA; Mobilux 2; Exxon Beacon P 290, 2; Cluber lubrication Centoplex 2DL; BP Energrease LS2 We are recognized as one of the eminent manufacturers, exporters and importers of Grease OKB-122-7. Our clients can avail from us wide range of grease which is packed in different packing sizes & offered at unbeatable market prices. Manufactured as per the international standards, Grease OKB-122-7 is widely used in aviation electric machine Grease OKB-122-7.